Ice Mc
Ian Campbell was born in Nottingham (UK). Throughout his childhood and during his schooldays, he thought of nothing else but music. In 1980 he left his home and family to join a breakdance group. During a tour ... More info

Alexia (real name Alessia Aquilani) was born in La Spezia (Italy) under the sign of Taurus, (to which she can probably attribute her great drive for success!). As a small child she began singing in various spot... More info

Savage is the original 80's italodisco pop star, worldwide famous singer and platinium record producer of Europop and house artists such as Corona, Alexia, Double You and Ice Mc. Composer and writer of various ... More info

Corona is a project created by producer Francesco Bontempi (Lee Marrow) who writes and arranges the groupís songs. Francesco was born in Marina di Carrara on July 23,1957. Olga de Souza, the singer, was born in... More info

Dj Ross
Rossano Prini a.k.a. "DJ ROSS" is born on August 13th 1973. His career begins at 17 years old, when he play as resident dj in different locals of north-Italy and in collaboration with some recording studios, as... More info

Double You
The group's story started in 1985, when William Naraine (singer), Franco Amato (musician) and Andrea de Antoni (DJ) began their artistic collaboration. In 1991 the boys met the producer Roberto Zanetti and thei... More info

Eliza G
Eliza G, 25 years old, Italian, started her musical career singing with bands (the most famous of them was Anversa) and studying lyric with a famous Italian soprano. At the beginning of 2009 she decided to leav... More info
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