Ice Mc
Ian Campbell was born in Nottingham (UK). Throughout his childhood and during his schooldays, he thought of nothing else but music. In 1980 he left his home and family to join a breakdance group. During a tour of Italy Ian fell in love with the “bel paese” and decided to stay on and find a job as a singer or DJ.
His first love was rap, above all Raggamuffin (due to his Jamaican origins). In 1989 by chance he met the producer Robyx, who decided to record a track with him. In just a few days, the first single "Easy" was ready. Within a few months it was a huge sensation, first in Europe, then worldwide.
The project was called "Ice MC" and the songs were sung, written and played by Robyx, while Ian took care of the rap. Ice MC soon embarked on a world tour, going to countries as far and wide as France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, Poland, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Japan.
Ice MC were even invited by their American record company to record a video in New York that went on to become no. 4 in the video charts on MTV USA. An album, “Cinema”, and two further singles, “Cinema” and “Scream” followed this first success.

The three singles sold a total of two million copies, and the album around five hundred thousand!
After three years of intense work, Ian decided to withdraw from the music scene for a time to recharge his batteries. So he headed off to his flat in Florence to find new stimulus in painting, and in the study of his Jamaican origins.
Time passed and the desire returned to go back to his beloved rap and record a new song. The result of this new project was the single “Take away the colour”.
This was also to be the first collaboration with Alexia (an excellent but still at that time relatively unknown singer). The song was released in October 1993, on the DWA label. It was an instant success and immediately started moving up the European charts. A video was recorded, a new tour began and they were spending more and more time in the studio.
Ian recorded two singles with Double You for their album entitled, "The blue album", and began preparing new songs for his own new LP. Outside Italy some producers had started to catch on to the winning style of Ice MC and indeed started to copy it. Amongst various copies, one, in particular, had great success, Maxx with "Get away", which was really just a blatant copy of "Take away the colour".

Spring 1994 arrived and a new single called "Think about the way" came out.
It was a contemporary international release. Another video was recorded and shown on the leading TV shows. The tour of the discos continued.
This project had such great worldwide success that Ian found himself spending more time abroad than in Italy, his now adopted home. “Think about the way” was one of the big hits of the summer consolidated by Ice MC’s appearance on Italy’s “Festivalbar ‘94” (Italy’s top summer music festival).
At the beginning of September, another single was released, "It’s a rainy day".
After only a week, the song reached no. 5 in the Italian sales chart.
The middle of September saw the release of a new video and then an album, a collection of fifteen new songs, including the afore-mentioned three singles.
The album was entitled "Ice’n’green". This slightly odd title is a play on words, it comes from Hyson Green, the area of Newcastle where Ian was born.
This album sold more than seven hundred thousand copies worldwide, two hundred and fifty thousand in France alone. Following these huge successes Ice MC embarked on a massive world tour of more than two hundred shows.

In 1996 Ian decided to return to England to be with his family for a while and to devote himself to other projects. He felt the need to “get away from it all”, to get into other things and for a time he was a DJ and devoted himself to his writing. Due to bad investments and personal problems he went through a difficult period and was even obliged to look for work outside of the music world.
In 2002 Ian returned to Italy to get in touch with Robyx and together they decided to initiate a new record project. In the intervening years Robyx had continued to produce Alexia in her solo career, making her famous across Europe and had written songs for Zucchero (“Baila” and “Ahum”). Ian and Robyx began to compose new songs and at the beginning of 2004 they locked themselves away in the studio to record a new album. The first single was ready towards the end of spring and is entitled “It’s a miracle”. It talks of the miracle that we all have in front of our eyes without even realising it – the birth of a new life. The song came out at the same time in Europe’s holiday countries (Spain, France, Italy and Greece) and at the end of the summer in the rest of Europe.

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