Savage - Ten Years Ago
This album was recorded on 1986/7 and signed to an Italian label who suddenly closed its operations and did not release it. Some songs of this album were later released in compilations or greatest hits, but nev... More info

Savage - Tonight Remastered
In december 1983 SAVAGE released his first single "Don't Cry Tonight". The song was an instant hit in Italy, Germany, Spain and later in all Europe including Soviet Union, Poland and all East Countries. At begi... More info

Ice Mc - Cold Skool
The latest album by Ice Mc. Published in 2004.

01 Ice Is Great (skit). 02 So Excited. 03 My World. 04 China China. 05 Angel. 06 Wake Up. 07 Ordinary Day. 08 Music In My Ear. 09 It's A Miracle. 10... More info

Alexia - Greatest Hits
All the most famous hits by Alexia.

01 Me And You. 02 Summer Is Crazy. 03 Number One. 04 Uh La La La. 05 Gimme Love. 06 The Music I Like. 07 Keep On Movin'. 08 Goodbye. 09 Happy. 010 Ti Amo Ti Am... More info

Dj Selecta Vol. 1
A selection of the best club mixes.

01 Twothousandnine (Euro Maxi) - Savage. 02 Please Don't Go 2009 (Club Extended) - Dj Ross vs Double You. 03 The Rhythm Of The Night (Riff and Rays Remix) - Fr... More info

Savage - Don't Cry
The original double album by Savage, with a selection of the best remixes.

CD1: 01 Don't Cry Tonight - 02 A Love Again - 03 Only You - 04 Time (Extended) - 05 Celebrate - 06 Love Is Death - 07 I'... More info

Disco 80's
Best tunes of the 80's

01 Don't Cry Tonight - Savage .02 Only You - Savage .03 Buenas Noche (Club Version) - Kamillo .04 Star - Claudio Mingardi .05 Life Is Life - Stargo .06 Easy - Ice Mc .07 Ci... More info

90 (Volume 1)
Best tunes of the 90's

01 Please Don't Go - Double You .02 Who's Fooling Who - Double You .03 Run To me - Double You .04 Send me An Angel - Netzwerk .05 Memories - Netzwerk .06 Love Is The Key - ... More info
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